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"Identity In Christ" is a spiritual healing ministry which is dedicated to assisting people in embracing the fullness of their victory, freedom, and purpose in Christ. Jesus Christ alone is our foundation and power for restoration and peace. Everything we do is governed by the Christian Scriptures

(Old and New Testament) and under the guidance and strength of the Holy Spirit. 






Derek Mason

  • The president and leader of "Identity In Christ, Inc." and "Identity In Christ Media" 

  • An Ordained Pastor

  • Has extensive experience and training in spiritual warfare and spiritual development

  • Holds a Master of Divinity (MDiv) from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

  • A certified Enneagram Administrator  




There are three branches (divisions) to our organization.

Deliverance is the first branch. Deliverance is rescue or freedom from an evil presence (the journey from darkness to light). The Bible tells us that there is a demonic realm which is always at work on all humans. Most of this is external; meaning if our being and spirit is metaphorically seen as our home (our dwelling place), then they exist outside the house but knock on our doors and tap on our windows (to annoy, trigger, and tempt us). This is normal and is simply the world we live in until Jesus Christ returns to abolish all evil. 


Some demons, however, have entered a person (their house -metaphorically speaking) through an open door and now destructively influence them. This is called, "demonic influence." In this situation, demonic efforts are extremely powerful and yet in most cases undetected. Demonic influence is a lot more common than most people realize and can occur in three ways (open doors): (1) experiences of great pain/trauma, (2) dedication (surrender to what the LORD exposes as abominations - such as murder, adultery or other habitual evil), or (participation in witchcraft, divination, and other occult rituals), (3) generational (where a demon is passed down from ancestors due to one of the first two open doors listed above). 


Possession is when a demon takes over the physical actions of a person. This is much less common than demonic influence and is the most extreme situation regarding spiritual oppression. Possession is most often as a result of dedication to and strong participation in occult activities (intentional or unintentional). These individuals are very dangerous to themselves and others. Only those experienced in exorcism should assist them. 


It is essential to understand that we are: (1) physical, (2) emotional, and (3) spiritual beings; if a person is struggling severely but does not address all three of these areas, they CAN find that efforts from doctors and medications are minimally effective, if at all. 

If there is a spiritual issue, it must be dealt with first. 

Then other treatments will be significantly more effective.  


Discipleship Counseling is the second branch of "Identity In Christ." Spiritual warfare is the battle of the spirit and the mind. Our counseling efforts are designed to guide people into the fullness of the victory we have access to in Jesus Christ. Humans have been conditioned into a certain way of processing, responding to and controlling our lives. Awareness of truth about ourselves and God is vital in this stage. We explore these areas and establish a new path of living in Christ so to experience restoration and peace that endures.


Awareness and Training is the third branch of "Identity In Christ" and is administered through "Identity In Christ Media." This branch is designed to instruct and guide others in spiritual warfare knowledge and implementation. It also assists in the development of deliverance and spiritual counseling teams. Very few churches and organizations do this well anymore. Yet this is a power and a gift which Jesus gave to His followers.  If His followers neglect this gift, where does that leave the world? The answer is without hope. ALL churches should have a deliverance and spiritual counseling ministry. Some will have more spiritual activity than others but all should be prepared, knowledgeable and able to effectively guide the children of God from spiritual darkness into the light (which is Christ). 

*** I (Derek) understand when people avoid the spiritual warfare ministry due to their lacking experience and knowledge. At one point, I was in that boat. But I am convicted to share what the LORD has shown me, so that more churches and Christians can be what God designed and purposed them for. I will pass on to you the knowledge and experience to establish and build a powerful and effective spiritual warfare ministry which will bring many into healing and true life. There is no longer any excuse. I promise that this ministry will magnify the LORD's presence (to you and your church) in ways that will powerfully awaken and save many lives which were once hopeless! It takes faith to step forward into this ministry but I have found that (just as the Scriptures tell us) the Holy Spirit meets us when we follow the LORD's Word wholeheartedly as His humble and faithful servants.

Everything is always for the LORD's glory, not ours.***


This ministry is structured to guide people into long term (not temporary) freedom from spiritual oppression. However, it is important to understand this is OFTEN not a quick fix.  Deliverance itself can offer immediate relief but reconditioning our thoughts (from harmful demonic influences) must also occur and this usually takes time.  Both pre-deliverance counseling and post-deliverance counseling are essential and required for long term healing.  If you would like a better understanding of our methods I recommend our book,

Embracing Our Full Victory in Christ: The Journey from Darkness to Light

and the two books listed below for further reading:

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Office Location

100 S. First St (lower level)

Mount Horeb Innovation Center

Mount Horeb, WI 53572


Tel: 608-425-8620


Mailing Address

1520 Artaius Pkwy, Unit #714

Libertyville, IL 60048

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