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Black Chips

At a very painful time of life Pastor Derek came alongside me offering countless sessions of Godly wisdom and encouragement. He challenged my thinking with God's word. He was patient and kind but didn't back away from Jesus' truth about many things. I would HIGHLY recommend Derek's ministry.

Barb  (Juno Beach, FL)

I was skeptical at first. After having a counseling session and a deliverance meeting it was like a weight was lifted off me and I was freed up from bondage that I thought was normal that I had lived with for most of my life. Very thankful for God's amazing power and being freed through Christ.

John  (Willow Springs, IL)

Derek is very grounded, kind, godly and easy to talk to. The deliverance process is not crazy like in the movies, rather systematic, helpful and usually calm. Derek is wise and has a lot of experience with deliverances, which makes the process flow as smoothly as possible.

Lisa  (Gurnee, IL)

I was apprehensive at first about doing a deliverance, but Pastor Derek explained how the process would work very clearly and accurately. The session was held in a room that was comfortable and well lit. After our first session, I experience a peace I don't think I ever have before. My mind felt calm, and anxieties I had experienced all of my life were definitely calmed. As I have continued working with Pastor Derek my peace has increased, and through our couselling I have become aware of things I was doing that were undermining my peace, and learned how to stop feeding my demons. My life is on a different trajectory because of the deliverce work Pastor Derek has done with me.

Jennifer  (Waukegan, IL)

I was expecting something like out of "The Exorcist". It was nothing like that. Pastor Mason made me feel comfortable and was caring. Since my deliverance my life has had more order and I am able to fully surrender each day to Christ.

Having been a Christian for a while, I felt as though I was on a plateau or stuck. I spoke to my pastor and he suggested that I might have a few areas where I had let the enemy in and needed a spiritual intervention. That's when I had a deliverance and I felt better. I continued to have Christian counseling along with regular church attendance.

Daniel  (Palos Hills, IL)

Laura  (Palos Hills, IL)

Pastor Derek has been instrumental in my understanding of spiritual warfare. Through his leadership, mentoring, and counsel I have experienced freedom from what many would call "negative self-talk", but what I have learned are oppressive demonic influences. Jesus says the truth will set us free, and Pastor Derek helps us to understand truth more fully, and therefore experience a deeper freedom to live abundantly in Christ Jesus.

With Pastor Derek I got the leadership I needed in church and people to finally strengthen my faith. To be healed and loved by our Lord has saved me from the lifeless darkness I was in. I believe I was led here for a reason. Thank you again Pastor.

Maygen  (Burbank, IL)

Marcia  (Cedar Park, TX)

Working with Pastor Derek has helped me tremendously with my spiritual walk and relationship with my Lord Jesus Christ. Through a deliverance session I have been set free from a condemning spirit. One that kept me stuck in my past, confused,and condemned by the guilt and shame of my past. I have now come to trust completely in the fact that I am completely justified and free to experience an intimate relationship with my Father God. Through working with him on a weekly basis he has helped to confirm all that is being revealed to me by the Holy Spirit, as to the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I know today what my life is for and as I continue to experience the height, width, and depth of God's Love, God has and continues to make me whole, and completely new. I am very grateful to Pastor Derek for answering the call God has placed on him to help others to know God and his desire for us to know and experience Life as God intended when he created us. Man and Women created in God's own image.

Charles  (Waukegan, IL)

Pastor Mason kindly listened to my situation, and then shared his Biblical view on what could be done and how he could help with deliverance. He visited my sister in a nursing home who had been oppressed and sick, and did a small session with her. There was a calm that followed. It is 9 months later and my sister is living with me. Doctors had thought she wouldn't make it past 2 wks, and definitely not past 6 months. Pastor Mason played a part in my sister's spiritual war against oppressors that have tried to take her life. Thank you Pastor Mason.

Since my first deliverance with Derek, going to bed was no longer a worry of mine. I am able to sleep peacefully, with minimal and steadily decreasing light and sound; where before some sort of light and background noise was an absolute must or I could not sleep. I no longer fear coming home to an empty house and can actually enjoy my solitude; where before, the fear of "visits" had me constantly looking over my shoulder in my own home. Through Derek's counseling; my faith and strength in God and myself is being rebuilt and restored on a solid foundation. Derek really makes it safe for me to say whatever it is that I need to say.

Sara  (Oak Lawn, IL)

Christine  (Roselle, IL)

Pastor Derek opened my eyes to a lot that I didn’t realize was affecting me. Certain fears and thoughts I thought were my own he cleansed away and that changed my views forever. Things changed for the better that I did not even know were connected until after the deliverance . He made me see my gifts and think in another way and to really trust my own voice and enhanced my trust in God. Everything I was experiencing was stuck from bad experiences and passed down through the family, me and my sister even had very similar experiences because of that. It really helped me know it wasn’t my fault like I thought and I am never alone in that feeling, there actually is a way to help.

Julie  (Burbank, IL)

The Deliverance I went through with Pastor Derek was life changing to say the least! I immediately felt a difference in myself. The best part was my Vice President saying “There’s something different about you, I’m not sure what it is, but keep doing whatever you are doing, it’s great!”

Jenny  (New Lenox, IL)

Jesus declared truth on my life through this ministry. I was a slave to fear. There’s no place I’d rather be than in His arms. It’s not too late for you either.

Jennifer  (Monticello, IL)

Pastor Derek is blessed with the ability to help people who suffer with demonic presence. He gives insight for those who don’t quite understand what it is they are feeling. My children thought they were losing their minds until they met Derek. He was the first person who understood what they had been experiencing since early childhood. He gives great insight on how it happens and how to prevent demons from entering back into our lives. Our lives been saved because of Pastor Derek’s faith in the Lord and gifts bestowed to him from God to heal those with his compassion, and knowledge. He taught us how to lean on God to help fight our battles. We will always be grateful for our time spent with Pastor Derek.

Kathy  (Joliet, IL)

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